Coming Soon – White Christmas Metallic by Zen Chic

Look what is on order for Christmas 2018 at The Woolpatch!  We're big fans of Brigitte Heitland 'Zen Chic' and her Christmas range is something special.  We've already got classic Christmas colours of reds, greens and golds so this collection will add a different approach and look to Christmas '18.  The blacks, popular greys and … Continue reading Coming Soon – White Christmas Metallic by Zen Chic

New Cotton & Steel Fabric Collection

It's here at last!!! SPECTACLE It's a collaboration between Cotton & Steel and multi-award winning children's illustrator Christian Robinson. Spectacle features fun, playful and colourful drawings of everything the world has to offer!  The width of the fabric will be the usual 112cm/44 inches and is on 100% Unbleached Cotton. This is the range on the natural … Continue reading New Cotton & Steel Fabric Collection