New Normal Vlog!

Stay at home….back to work – a new normal is with us here in the UK. I’m still vlogging from the potting shed still, but back to work at the shop Weds to Saturday. Sadly my social and teaching knitting/craft classes still can’t run so I have the back room to myself, so I’ve been doing lots of sewing. I’ve started my Intersections cardigan and my first attempt into the world of colour work. I chat about variegated hand dyed yarn….do you prefer it to solids or semi solids? Also, I get away for a few days at the end of August to the Lakes to finish off ‘Year 4’ of my career as a shop proprietor. Where has the time gone? Year 5 of the five year lease now starts! If you want to skip to sections of your interest then use the timings below. Thanks for watching . Stuart – The Woolpatch. ____________________________________________________________________

Content Timings

0:00 | Intro

0:11 | Your 10 second look through what’s coming up on the show

0:25 | Back to work at the shop and how is the shop coping.

01:50 | Sewing in the shop – Christmas Stocking and Advent Panel

03:12 | Knitting & Colour work

07:40 | The Lakes

09:18 | The Gallery. 11.18 | Variegated Lavenham Blue Yarn.

16:42 | The Harry Styles Cardigan

Knitting Section Pattern by Dario Tubiana / Rosso Cardinale. ‘Intersections’. Yarn used – Drops Nepal Instagram

Mandy @knittingeverywhere Instagram… _____________________________________________________________________

Links to The Woolpatch shop for products Christmas ‘Let it snow’ Stocking Panel…

Christmas ‘Let it snow’ Advent Panel…

2 thoughts on “New Normal Vlog!

  1. Pat Hardwick says:

    Very much looking forward to Mandy’s video on colourwork! I have found my pattern for a colour work pattern I knitted for my daughter when she was a toddler and now want to do it for my granddaughter….I can remember being concerned about carrying the colours across when I did it nearly 40 years ago! Haven’t done much colour work since!


    • The Woolpatch says:

      Oh wow! How time flies hey!! I think that’s the thing with colourwork – you either love it and do nothing else other than colourwork or you do it once and…..haha. All this covid stuff is proving difficult to meet with Mandy to do a colour work video so may have to ‘zoom it’ sometime. Surreal times we are in at the moment hey. Keep safe Pat! Stuart x


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