Woad – Fresh Leaf Extraction

Isatis Tinctoria – Woad Fresh Leaf Extraction 1st and 2nd Attempt!

It’s time to cut my Woad and extract the blue pigment from the fresh leaves and dye some yarn!

πŸƒ I’ve never done this before, so I thought I’d make a little video to document my journey. I have dyed with woad before, but that’s using processed woad. That’s where someone has already EXTRACTED the pigment from the plant and made it into a powder, which I have then bought. This time I’ve grown the woad and will be processing it myself and will dye it straight away and not process it into a powder. From a plant growing in my garden to getting blue wool hopefully within 5 hours will be very exciting!

πŸƒ The Method: This technique is called Fresh Leaf Indigo Extraction. It can be done in many different ways and I have read numerous methods from many people in the know over the last 50 odd years. But for my first attempt I decided to follow Helen Melvin’s method. You can follow it by buying her fabulous ebook and having a go yourself if you are interested. It’s called ‘The Colour of the Sea and the Sky – The art of Indigo Dyeing.’ https://www.fieryfelts.co.uk/product/…

After a few weeks my woad had grown back so it was time for a 2nd attempt! This time was much more successful!!

πŸƒFor the FULL SCIENCE on how the ‘blue’ appears and why….read from the master who taught me. http://www.woad-inc.co.uk/dyeing_with…

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