Staying at Home Vlog 4

Lockdown is being eased more and things are going back to a new normal, but many of us are still staying at home in some manner so it’s time for another stay at home vlog! I have the fabulous ‘My McIntosh’ yarn by Knit McIntosh to show you that’s new in the shop. We have lots of new products in from Hoooked to Christmas Fabric! Yes, it’s Christmas in July time! I have a go at test knitting the new project by Michael Shawn – The Beach Bag Project Bag and it’s wonderful! So much fun and a great knit for any ability. The Gallery is back also – jammed packed full of more of your FLO’s (finished lockdown objects)

___________________________________________________________________________ Content Timings:

0:00 | Intro
0:11 | Your 10 second look through whats on
0:25 | Welcome back and welcome to you new subscribers!
1:22 | Knit McIntosh ‘My McIntosh’ lands in the shop and I explain all about it. (Links below)
3:58 | The Woolpatch Data Bank – Bluefaced Leicester Sheep explained.
5:55 | Christmas in July – ‘Yuletide’ The Christmas Collection for 2020
7:40 | Hoooked Zpagetti Yarn updates
11:07 | The Beach Babe Project Bag by Michael Shawn – I test knit it. (Links below)
16:07 | Woolpatch Woad: Coming in August – my own 4ply yarn.
16:43 | The Gallery.
18:22 | What’s coming up.

Knit McIntosh: place your order and buy direct, use my link below. It is an affiliate link so the shop get’s a little bit for each sale, it’s like you’re in the shop buying it yourself!!/McIntosh-Hand-Dyed-Yarn/c/38046117/offset=0&sort=normal?aff=2 ____________________________________________________________________

The Beach Bag Project Bag – out now on ravelry!

INSTAGRAM: @michaelshauun
RAVELRY michaelshawn _____________________________________________________________________

Links to The Woolpatch shop for products

Christmas ‘Yuletide’

Grunge Hits the Spot ____________________________________________________________________

Keep safe at home and I hope these stay at home vlogs help during these challenging times. Stuart

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