Janet from series 5 joins us!

It’s now week 6 of The Great British Sewing Bee and this week we welcome Janet from series 5!

We first started doing these episode reaction/review shows of The Great British Sewing Bee last year and Janet was one of our favourites right from the start and we loved talking about her makes. So much so, Janet soon found our chats on YouTube and left some lovely comments.

Moving to this year and the current lockdown situation we decided to still do the review shows but using zoom. As we are all at home ‘zooming’ we jumped at the chance to reach out to Janet this year and ask her to come on and join us doing an episode reaction/review show and this is it! Sadly, Ting, couldn’t be with us today which is a great shame as he had Janet as his favourite right from episode 1.

We hope you enjoy watching as Janet also gives us a few insights to the show as we chat! If you love the show, then this is a great one to watch! Thanks for coming on Janet 🙂

0:08 | Intro and welcome – Janet Poole from the sewing bee last year!
5:15 | The Pattern Challenge – Men’s Bomber Jacket
20:45 | Transformation Challenge – create a garment for a man or woman using plastic laundry bags
32:36 | Made to Measure – A Winter Dress made from recycled knit wear.
37:30 | Predictions – who may struggle? who could be next to leave? favourites?
54:08 | The Fold Line – a great Youtube channel find the patterns from each episode.

External Links of useful information

The Fold Line: Week 6 Pattern Picks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azoXd…

See all the pictures of the episode on their instagram or facebook account. https://www.instagram.com/britishsewi… https://www.facebook.com/greatbritish…

If you didn’t see the free pattern download from Episode 3 ‘Children’s Week’ episode – get it now…Download the Smocked Dress pattern from the official sewing bee website https://www.thegreatbritishsewingbee….

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