Staying at Home Vlog 1

The shop is closed and I’m at home. I’ve spent the first couple of weeks doing lots of business related crafts. Growing Woad, doing Needle Felting and found my next knitting project! Thanks for all sending in your pictures of what you have been crafting. Our first ever gallery is rammed full of fabulous finished objects! Keep crafting and keep sending in pics of what you are doing. You can either do this via email or use the hashtag on instagram #thewoolpatch ___________________________________________________________________________ Content Timings:

0:0001:58 Into & how you can help the shop

01:5803:45 Stay at home sequence – Gardening and the cats!

03:458:10 Growing Woad – Sequence and chat

08:1009:42 Needle Felting Baabara sequence

09:4210:49 Gallery Intro Chat

10:4912:50 The Gallery of all your stay at home projects so far

12:50 to End Rosso Cardinale – My next knitting pattern. Intersections Cardigan

Keep safe at home and I hope this short vlog helps to take your mind of current situations.


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