staying at home

It’s the end of the second week of being told to stay at home in the UK. It does feel very odd not going to the shop to work everyday. I have had to stop online sales also due to living 45 minutes away from the shop, it really is essential travel only. The sooner we all stay at home, the sooner this ends.

I’ve used the time to do plenty of business paperwork and I’ve filled in the form to access the grant the Chancellor has made available to small businesses. Many of you were making purchases in the few days before the shut down at the end of March. Purchases came not only from the village but from people far and wide in the county, the UK even to the States and Canada! This has resulted in the shop being able to weather the situation for the few weeks until the Chancellor’s help comes.

The shop will be baaaaaaaaaaack.

Keep up to date with the shop and what’s going on with our vlog on YouTube.

The Woolpatch on Youtube

Wherever you are in the world, keep those spirits up!


2 thoughts on “staying at home

  1. Penny Wilby ThebestofSudbury says:

    Hi Stuart I hope you’re keeping well & weathering the CORVID storm

    It’s all very weird, isn’t it!

    Anyway, remember that pattern and wool I bought for my friend who was having a little boy? Well he made a safe arrival and he sent me a little photo of him wearing his hat – thought I’d pass it on. It’s a lovely pattern and so easy.

    I’m now back to socks- I knitting with that lovely WYS wren yarn. Lovely!

    Take care and see you soon I hope


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  2. The Woolpatch says:

    Hey Penny! All well and weathering it at home with lots of crafting to do! It’s very weird yes! Let’s hope staying at home means it’s gone ish by Summer!

    Oh congratulations on your friends new baby! Back to socks hey?? Yeah that yarn is just the best. Send me a pic of the socks when you’re done and we cad it to my Youtube old school Gallery of peoples projects! Tony Hart style!!



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