Come Bye & Craft Special

Come Bye & Craft starts again on Saturday February 1 and what a way to start than with 2 guest speakers!

We will be welcoming James McIntosh and Dr Thomas Ernst FRCP

They will be talking about the story behind ‘Knit and Nibble’ and how one stitch at a time helped James to knit himself back together after depression.

It’s a story of love, adversity, stitches, self discovery and what life is like when faced with an illness. It won’t be a doom and gloom afternoon … rather a promise of a time of laughter, anecdotes, the reality of depression and how James came through the other side, one stitch at a time.

Thomas is the only NHS Consultant that uses mindfulness to treat chronic illness and pain, at the end of the talk Thomas will run through a guided mindful ‘body scan’

They say laughter is the best medicine, combine that with knitting and honesty about one’s feelings and we have a great potion for regaining self-worth to overcome depression.


Find out more

James’ Website

Knit & Nibble Blog

Knit & Nibble on Facebook

Knit & Nibble on Instagram

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