Thunderhead Beanie

A fun, quick beanie pattern for every style of knitter is available now on Ravelry and I’ve just knitted it!

The Thunderhead Beanie Pattern – Ravelry

A screen shot of the first page of this cool beanie pattern

Michael asked me to test the large size before this pattern was released. I had never knitted cables before. I’m still very much a novice knitter. I can do stocking stitch and garter stitch ok and I can knit in the round. Cables have always seemed ‘complicated’ to me so have never attempted them. I’ve just looked in awe at them from a distance haha. However, a beanie hat is so small I thought that this would be the perfect way to start and learn cables as they weren’t very long! The end results say it all. I was successful and now I know how easy cables are. Yes, they look so clever but in reality, when you knit them it’s very simple.

I knitted the large size. It fits my head nice and snug. I like my beanie hats to be close fitting and not baggy so this was a great size for me. It’s a close fit but not tight. I can still put two fingers in the brim and it stretches easily.

I used 8mm and 10mm Circular Hiya Hiya needles with a 16″ cable and knitted in the round.

The pattern says to use Lion Brand Wool-Ease – Thick & Quick. This is a super chunky yarn, so I just swapped it with something that size from the shop so chose Rowan Big Wool. You can use any Super Chunky yarn. I didn’t worry about gauge and doing a swatch, but the pattern does give support for this if you want to check.

I used 1 ball of Rowan Big Wool (90yards) and had enough left over to make a medium sized pompom too.

It was a super fun knit. I loved doing the cables. It really was quick to learn. The designer – Michael Shawn provides loads of links to YouTube tutorials, so you really do have everything you need in order to be able to knit this pattern. If you’re a season knitter then yes, you’ll be able to do this in one evening. I’m a beginner and had never done cables, yet I still did it in two evenings. I’m sure when I make another, I’ll be able to do it in a couple of hours. So go for it! When it got to the top, I didn’t go to double pointed needles, I just stuck to the cable and did ‘Magic Loop’. The only hard bit was towards the end when you have to knit 3 together. That is hard getting your needle in to 3 stitches, but with a bit of a wiggle you can do it. Other than that – it’s a doddle! So go and support Michael and buy his pattern and make one and let’s see your Thunderhead Beanies this Autum/Winter!

2 thoughts on “Thunderhead Beanie

    • The Woolpatch says:

      Aww Thanks for your kind words! Congratulations on your retirement – Yes do so – if you find the time. Many of the ladies who come to the shop for social knitting are always saying they don’t have enought time! hahah.

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