New Vlog Episode

We’re back with another chatty crafty vlog! Sharing some fabulous new Christmas fabric and some stunning Rowan books – lots of ideas!

Content Timings: 00:00 to 01:05 Intro – Welcome Back
01:05 to 03:05 Áine’s finished table runner and tutorial
03:05 to 08:26 Subscriber Angela’s unboxing LIVE!
08:26 to 12:15 Christmas Fabric ‘Skogen’ from Dashwood Studio
12:15 to 16:30 Christmas Skogen Stockings
16:30 to 18:40 Kentwell Hall chat ‘Scaresville’
18:40 to 19:38 Áine’s Virus Shawl using Katia Polaris
19:38 to 22:22 Stuart’s knitted linen/cotton Breton update
22:22 to 30:00 Rowan – Brand new Autumn Winter 2019 Pattern Books. 30:00 to End Business Shop chat – end of 3rd year! – Business Rates, Social vs Classes and the way forward.

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