New Rowan Pattern Books

The new Rowan Autumn/Winter range for 2019 is out and they have many new pattern books! Our favourite one is ‘MODE’. It’s not full of complicated knitting patterns that need a gazillion balls of wool and tonnes of colour work. They are very simple patterns using stocking stitch, moss stitch and a little bit of cable. Modern and everyday in wear I think rather than something fancy that takes forever to knit.

These patterns have been created by various designers and use 4 of Rowans Yarns.

Alpaca Classic
Kid Classic
Alpaca Soft DK

We don’t stock these yarns but we can order them in for you. Being such a small shop we can only have a select amount of yarns on show. But Rowan allow us to order in anything from their range.

Lets take a look at the patterns in the book.

Design 1 – The Wrap
Design 2 – Cardigan
Design 3 & 4 – Ribbed Tunic and Ribbed Skirt
Design 5 Ribbed Sweater
Design 6 & 7 Cabled Skirt and Cowled Cardigan
Design 8 Cardigan
Design 9 Hat and Design 1 Wrap
Design 10 Scarf
Design 11 Tunic
Design 13 Sweater
Design 14 Sweater
Design 15 Sleeveless Jacket
Design 16 Cropped Sweater
Design 17 Beanie
Design 18 Scarf

If you like any of these patterns and want to know how many balls of wool it took to make. Download the garment information and it will tell you.

We can also help you in substituting the yarn for another brand if you don’t want to use Rowan.


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