Making my own T-shirt

We’re all getting into the Great British Sewing Bee at the moment and we’re loving doing our vlogs on each episode. It’s week 5 and in this episode I’m wearing my finished T-Shirt! It all started last week whilst we were recording Week 4 and the other Stuart set me a challenge to make my own T-shirt using jersey material he had supplied.

Now…..I’m no sewer, I can do patchwork but I have never made a garment, let alone sew with Jersey that we all know stretches and moves!!! So here’s how I got on.

I was to used the tutorial by Mike aka The Crafty Gentleman.I did it over a couple of afternoons and evenings so it didn’t take too long. The tutorial was very clear, and over instagram Mike even offered help too, so it’s a great tutorial to use! This is not a blog post on how to do it, use The Crafty Gentleman for that! This is just pictures of my progress so you can see how I got on if you’re interested.

Choose your favourite Tee and follow the tutorial!
Finished Pattern, now to cut the fabric!
The Basics are complete! Arms and Body sewn! Now to try it on.

The arms at this point are a great fit and it’s now I realise they are going to be a tad short as technically I need to hem them. So I’m going to loose a cm in length. I didn’t allow enough for the seam when I was cutting out! So remember to do this – or do it properly which perhaps I didn’t! However, if I do it again in Jersey, I may adapt the way I do the hem as I quite like this ‘fray’ end look and many of my t-shirts from Zara & All saints have this little roll of jersey in the hem for rough finished look effect. Now for the neck. the tutorial does say that it gets a bit tricky at this point and boy he wasn’t wrong!

But pleats galore after sewing!! So 1st Attempt….
Chucked on the floor in rage! I’ll try again later.

When sewing the neckband down I was worried that it wasn’t going to be stretched enough, so over compensated and stretched it more. Hence all the pleats!! So I watched a few tutorials on youtube and I could soon see where I had gone wrong during the sewing and tried again. This is where Youtube is so good!

2nd attempt – much better….apart from my dodgy 3/8” seam allowance! I then hemmed the sleeves and body and it was all done! All that was left was to cut all my thread ends (yes, you should do as you go along) and to iron it.

Boom – challenge complete! One Tee – nicely fitted! ish! haha

Voila! One finished T-shirt. I’m thrilled with my first attempt. For my next attempt I will take more time with measuring and sewing. If you zoom in on my neck band you can see my sewing is off and it’s not exactly circular haha. I did struggle with keeping the seam allowance correct so I have a nice irregular effect on the neck band haha. I do tend to eyeball everything in patchwork, so clearly I can’t get away with doing that when sewing garments haha!!

The challenge was complete and I wearing in the following weeks Vlog which you can watch above. Ask me to make it in 3 hours like they do in the Sewing Bee and it will be a different story completely hahah. I have even more respect for all those on the TV programme now. I think I’ll make another in cotton next time. Don’t forget to take a look at The Crafty Gentleman. He’s got some great things on there!

Happy Sewing – Stuart 🙂

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