Catwalk Inspiration 2019!

So we were inspired by Armani last winter with the ‘Sleeved Scarf’ and created our own version in wonderful chunky wool from Bergere de France. (If you missed this then click to read the blog post) We’ve now written up the pattern in rough and all I have to do is digitise it for you all and then you can make your own designer Sleeved Scarf! I’ll hopefully have that done for you all this month!

Sleeved Scar Pattern ready to type up!

January and February are busy months in the world of fashion as everyone releases their collections for Summer and Winter 2019/2020. Colin invited me over for an evening of watching all the designer houses showing off their collections on Youtube. Each collection is only around 10 to 15 minutes in length. Amazingly quick for all those hours worth of work involved in making the garments only for it to be all over in 15 minutes!!! So you can image we watched a few collections from all the designer houses. The house of Dior was one collection that really stood out for us and we are hugely excited.

We were loving this sash idea on the suit or as Dior calls it ‘Tailleur Oblique’ which features a lot in the Winter 2020 collection by Mr Kim Jones. Take a look at a few from the collection in the pics below showing off this idea.

We love how the sash can be very discrete and blending in from the lapel or form the shoulder or how it can be a different colour and used as a scarf and more of a accessory statement.

The Oscars were only a few weeks after the release of this collection and look who turned up in a ‘Tailleur Oblique’ suit. Nicholas Hoult!!

Our creative brains are now whirring with ideas for knitting, lets look at the less formal, brown knitted jumper in more detail.

Can you see how the sash/scarf starts discretely from his right shoulder.

How beautiful is this knit? So lovely to see knitwear on the catwalk. Simple knit-work to me is still the best. I can appreciate clever cable work and stitch work, but ribbing is so simple yet so cool and simple. It’s very good for getting a nice close fit too. Think of the ways you could wear that sash/scarf on this garment in the winter. So that’s what we will be working on over the coming months!! What do you think? Like the idea? What if it were a V neck? With the sash/scarf coming from the V (like they have done with the lapel on the suit)

So many ideas! Can’t wait to explore them more over the coming weeks. Look out for the other knitted garment taking inspiration from tigers and leopards! it’s stunning! We’ll talk about this one in up coming blogs.


See the collection in full and all the individual looks at the Dior website.

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