Paypal for online payments

We’ve now added Paypal as a method of payment in our online shop! I use PayPal all the time for my personal payments online wherever I can as it removes all the hassle of entering your details when buying online. So it made sense to add it The Woolpatch shop as well to make your online shopping experience with us hassle free!

Our Website currently uses a professional secure checkout system that allows you to pay the traditional way with a Credit/Debit but now you will have the option to choose to pay using Paypal!

Just simply click the PayPal button and after choosing your postage method it will direct you to PayPal and the usual procedures there.

So, more ways to make your shopping with bricks and mortar shops easier! We value your support regardless of if it’s in the shop personally or online.

So hope this helps a little bit more.

Security at

for those concerned about security online – our WHOLE website is secure, and not just the checkout. I pay extra to have The enabled to HTTPS, also known as SSL (secure socket layers), so that any information going to and from the server is automatically encrypted. This prevents hackers getting your sensitive information as it passes through the internet.

You will see the padlock and the ‘s’ after http in the address bar in your internet browser. You can feel safe on our website from arriving at the first page and seeing the ‘lock’ – knowing it’s secure and protected by a security certificate. If you’re using Google chrome it will even say ‘secure’ as well as showing the padlock.

We take your shopping online at The very seriously as I know some people are reticent about shopping online, particularly with smaller independant, lesser known companies for this very reason. It would be a shame for those lovely small, independant shops and self employed business owners like myself to not get your business because of this – so look out for the padlock and the https in the address bar and shop more confidently. Not just with us, but with other online shops too.


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