Dandi Annie has arrived!

This delightful Moda collection ‘Dandi-Annie by Robin Pickens is now available at the shop.

Dandelions remind me of growing up in the Midwest and seeing the cheery, ellow blooms pop up in the middle of the yard. While the adults saw them as annoying weeds, we saw simple, happy flowers that made charming bouquets, could be twisted into necklaces and rubbed onto our skin to make a lovely golden colour. Even better than the yellow beauties were the mature puff balls of seeds. We knew our dreams were sure to come true if we could blow all the seeds off the stem in one big breath. The graceful dance of seeds traveling in the breeze gave flight to our wishes on warm sunny days.

Robin Pickens

The complete collection has 30 different prints and colour-ways and as the shop is small we have chosen a ‘mother’ print and then some lights and darks to complement it. 

The mother print – Dandelion Dance in Pebble

The lights and darks from the collection…

Fly Away Seeds in Pebble Grey
Fly Away Seeds in Stone
Little Birds in Cloud
Painted Leaf Yellow
Paint Strokes in Stone
Woven Texture in Pebble

Buy in person at the shop or online at

Remember those simple pleasures…
make a wish and blow!

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