Enchanted Lake

Another new fabric collection has arrived at The Woolpatch! It’s called Enchanted Lake and it’s been designed by Flaurie & Finch for RJR Fabrics.

A spin off of flaura and fauna, the name flaurie & finch conveys the brand’s true intent, which is to create sophisticated and timeless fabric collections inspired by all things nature, connecting florals and wildlife with structured patterns. Colourful, refined, classic and beautiful, the fabrics are designed to appeal to modern traditionalists in search of something distinct and fresh for their home.

Flaurie & Finch Website

Enchanted Lake is where swans float peacefully amongst the flowers on a frosty winter morning. With touches of silver metallic and white pigment, these fabrics sparkle with icy magic. 

Waltz in the Willows on Mist
Charmed on Fog
Floating Floral on Frost
Swan Soiree on Fog
Light as a Feather on Ballet Pink
Raindrops on Mist
Lovely Lace on Ballet Pink

All available now in the shop or online at The Woolpatch Online Shop. There is no minimum cut in the shop, but if you buy online it’s half a metre.

This retails at £16 per metre which is an amazing price considering it has silver metallic added throughout.


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