New Year, New Knit & Natter Sessions

Here at The Woolpatch, we take our responsibility to promote physical and mental well-being very seriously. Being based in a rural area and working with people from a variety of age groups, we know how powerful the crafts we promote can be to help reduce isolation, increase inclusion and instil a sense of usefulness.

The ethos of The Woolpatch is based upon sharing and the social aspects of crafting. Many of you will already have been involved in our ‘Knit and Natter’ sessions at The Woolpatch. They run every morning from 10am until 12.30pm. Each daily session has a different set of people who come to knit, sew, craft and swap tips and ideas – but most importantly to socialise and chat over a cup of your favourite hot beverage (with a biscuit or cake or two of course!). We value the importance of these events and the impact they have on those who attend. They also add a fun and busy atmosphere in the shop, and provide an invaluable source of help for people coming to the shop with crafting issues! We like to refer to our ‘Knit and Natterers’ as our “flock”, in reference to our wonderful character ‘Baabara’ – the logo of The Woolpatch.

Currently, all our knit and natter classes are fully booked and have been for the last couple of years! Seats don’t come up often. So it made sense to introduce more knit and natter sessions as I was adding too many names to the waiting list.

We currently have sessions Tues to Friday Mornings and Thursday afternoons. Classes run in the afternoons on the remaining days.

DayMorning 10am -12.30pmAfternoon 2pm-4.30pm
MondayShop is closedClasses
TuesdayKnit and NatterClasses
WednesdayKnit and NatterClasses
ThursdayKnit and NatterKnit and Natter
FridayKnit and NatterClasses

As of February 1st we will be adding sessions on Friday afternoon, Saturday Morning & Afternoon also.

DayMorning 10am -12.30pmAfternoon 2pm-4.30pm
TuesdayKnit and Natter
Fully Booked
WednesdayKnit and Natter
Fully Booked
ThursdayKnit and Natter
Fully Booked
Knit and Natter
(2 spaces available)
FridayKnit and Natter
Fully Booked
NEW – Knit and Natter 
6 spaces available
SaturdayNEW – Knit and Natter
 6 spaces available
NEW – Knit and Natter
 6 spaces available

For more information on costs or to book your space email info@thewoolpatch or pop into the shop and speak to me. If you would like to be added to the waiting list for any other session then also get in contact. Just to warn you, spaces don’t often come up. Many of my knit and natter customers have had the same seat now for over 2 years!

3 thoughts on “New Year, New Knit & Natter Sessions

    • The Woolpatch says:

      Aww I am very lucky, and of course they all support the shop too with purchases. Where abouts are you? Whats your local yarn shop? ooo just reminds me I need to post a pic of my finished begere hat too!


      • Jamie@hookthisweavethat says:

        I am in South Wales and my LYS is called La Mercerie. Definitely you need to post that picture. Would love to see how it turned out. Ironically, I was only 45 mins from your shop today, as I was in Stansted for a meeting. If only I had more time and forethought, I would have gone that extra distance and made a visit.


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