Inspiration from the catwalk

Look what we’ve got to show you. Inspired from the Armani Mens Winter Collection it is a scarf with sleeves!

Woolpatcher Colin popped in one day this month to tell me about this garment that he had seen in the Armani mens winter collection. The pictures below are from that collection and you’ll see the sleeved scarf popping up several times.

I love the concept. It’s also exciting to see some different knit wear ideas for blokes too.

Colin said he could easily knock up something. So we started looking at yarn to use. Chunky yarn was a must as it knits up quick and who doesn’t love a chunky scarf at winter? Though I must admit, a fine merino scarf like the red one the model is wearing top right would also be stunning, but that would take an age to knit and we wanted a scarf with sleeves asap!

I had just welcomed Bergere de France with their ‘Arlequin’ chunky yarn to shop, (Read a previous post on this) so what a great way to try out a new yarn! Colin chose the ‘Savane’ colourway and took 10 balls and away he went.

Within a few days he was back with the finished sleeved scarf! How fabulous is it? The stocking stitch really shows off this yarn and its colour way. Fabulous work Colin!! It’s also wonderfully warm.

We will be writing up the pattern and getting it ready for Autumn/Winter 2019!

We’re now thinking how fabulous this knit would be in something lightweight and sparkly for a glam evening function!

If you’re interested in the yarn, you can see more on our website.

ARLEQUIN – The Woolpatch Website Shop

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