Woodland Wander – Coming this month!

I’m so excited to tell you about this lovely new collection that’s due in The Woolpatch anytime this month!! Due to the way ordering fabric works, I ordered this way back in February and have been wanting to tell you about it ever since!!!

This collection is by Clothworks and designed by Rebecca Jones an English illustrator who is now living in Melbourne, Australia. 

We’ve had some Clothwork collections in the shop before and they sell very well.  They do a variety of prints and styles, but they do excel at producing ranges for little people in particular.  Saying that some of the styles in this collection will work for any age!! Let’s go into the collection…


Close up of the 4 main pics (they get repeated once more to make 8)

This panel is perfect for making into a cot quilt or play mat.  The way this has been designed also allows for cutting up the squares and making into something else!  Very adaptable.

Here is the main fabric of the collection ‘Animal Gathering’

Animal Gathering – Mint

The rest of the collection are a a mix of light and darks, some little ‘ditsy’ prints and other bigger designs.  All in the same colours that will work perfectly for patchwork, quilting and sewing projects!

Frogs Light
Frogs Dark
Floral Light
Floral Dark
Dragonfly Pink
Dragonfly Mint
Dragonfly Green

Isn’t it a lovely collection?  The Mint colour which comes through this collection is a colour that is really on trend at the moment.  It’s a very ‘fresh’ collection and very stylish yet, still classic in design.  I’ll let you know via facebook/instagram and on here when it’s actually in the shop so you can come and see it for real!!!

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