Bienvenue to Bergere de France

We welcome Bergere de France to The Woolpatch!  The rep from the company visited us last week and I fell in love with a couple of things so here’s an update!

Arlequin – Chunky Yarn. 50% Wool 50% Acrylic

ARLEQUIN – Chunky Yarn

So firstly I fell in love with Arelquin.  This is a brand new chunky yarn for Autumn/Winter of 2018 and it has an amazing lustre to it.  The semi-industrial process makes it possible to print up to 8 colours on the same yarn, with a mixing program which gives it its distinctive colour range.

Quick and easy to knit, with even stitches even when knit with large needles. Patterned stitches are not blurred by the yarn. It’s also machine washable using the wool setting.

Now the other aspect that I really fell in love with is their approach to pattern support for their yarns.  With most yarn brands, they’ll release a pattern book and every pattern will be for a different yarn.  Some companies have over 50 yarns.  Therefore if you like a particular yarn, chances are you’ll only have one pattern for it in a book.  Which makes it an expensive pattern book.  It’s also pointless for me to stock these types of pattern books as I could only have 3 yarns out of 50 in the shop – which would make it frustrating for the shopper!!  

Whereas Bergere de France bring out a pattern book for ONE YARN!!  Such a simple, yet brilliant idea.  So when you see this yarn and then say ‘what patterns do you have for it?’  I can show you the book and you can see 13 different patterns for it and all for £5!!!!  considering single ‘print’ patterns (not electornic pdfs) can cost £3, this is fantastic value.

Patterns in this Arlequin book range from Hats, Beanies, Cowls, Gloves, Jumpers Cardigans.  What makes this even better is that they are cool, fashionable patterns for young people, women and men.  It’s not just loads of womens patterns and one token mans pattern.  So Bravo to Bergere de France.  Maybe other big commercial brands can do this more?  Pop in and see the yarn and have a look through the awesome patterns!  I’m having a go at knitting up the beanie hat that’s featured on the front cover above.


Begere de France also do those cool faux fur pom poms which I’m seeing pop up online everywhere.  They come with a simple ‘pop’ snap fastner so you can interchange colours if you so wish and take them off your garment when it’s time for a wash! So we got the following 4 in as a start!

This Multi coloured one will go sooooo well with the ‘Mongolie’ colour way I’m knitting with.  Pop in the shop to squish and feel the yarn and browse through the pattern book or buy direct through our website shop.

ARLEQUIN – The Woolpatch Website Shop

8 thoughts on “Bienvenue to Bergere de France

  1. Jamie@hookthisweavethat says:

    Hi. Love your post especially as I am currently enjoying knitting with this particular yarn. It’s lovely and I just fell for the vibrant colours in the range. You can see my FO and WIP on my blog. Hope to see you pop by. And I look forward to seeing your work as it grows.

    Liked by 1 person

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