Come Bye & Craft Saturdays

Well….what a success our first Come Bye & Craft Saturday was!  For those that didn’t know, on Saturday September 1st 2018 we introduced ‘Come Bye & Craft‘ a new social crafting afternoon on Saturdays at the scout hut in Long Melford.   It was a wonderful 4 hours of crafting, relaxation and socialising in line with the shop’s values and ethos.

The event will take place every 1st Saturday in the month, the next one being October 6th.  We had 21 people turn up, and we can welcome 30 so not bad for our first session!  We welcome well supervised children who wish to come and craft as well.  Children are charged at the same rate.  If you want to ensure places I do advise booking in advance, especially if you want to sew or do patchwork.  We need to know so we can set up the appropriate tables and power cables so please don’t turn up with your machine without booking with us first.

You can book your tickets on our website now

Book Tickets for October 1st Come Bye & Craft Session



Take a look at the photos of how we set it all up and what went on.  If you like the look, then come along in October!


During the afternoon many of you were kind enough to fill in our feedback forms, well here’s the data and analysis back from the forms – makes for interesting reading.


Number of forms received: 13
Number of participants: 21
Response rate: 62%

Question 1 – “Do you like the idea / format?”:


Yes (or positive): 13 (100%)
No (or negative): 0 (0%)
Other: 0 (0%)


Free text added by participants to this question:
·      “Fantastic idea”

·      “Brilliant!”

·      “Great!”

·      ”Love it”

·      “Great idea”

·      “It is perfect”

·      “Yes very much”

·      “Yes, it is different and the informality is comfortable”


Question 2 – “Would you come more than once a month?”:


Yes (or positive): 7 (54%)
No (or negative): 5 (38%)
Other: 1 (8%)


Free text added by participants to this question:
·      “Would like to come once or twice a month”

·      “Couldn’t do more than once”

·      “No, as it would be difficult to fit in”

As a result of this feedback, we will keep it once a month and always the 1st Saturday in every month.


Question 3 – “What did you like about today?”:

Free text added by participants to this question:
·      “It’s nice to meet other people to see a lot of different patterns”

·      “Everyone is really friendly. ‘Knit Nurse’ Mandy is brilliant”

·      “Being with people interested in knitting, crafting, etc”

·      “Time to Craft, share ideas – general chat”

·      “Having time to do what I like doing – with like minded people”

·      “A good chance to meet and chat and discuss ideas”

·      “Friendly individuals sharing craft knowledge”

·      “The friendliness, and the variety of different crafts”

·      “Meeting people, seeing the different crafts”

·      “Friendly, and all the different crafts!”

·      “The different crafts, the chatter and the time to devote to crafts”

·      “The friendly atmosphere, variety of crafts. Cake!”

·      “Everyone’s helpful and enthusiastic about their craft and sewing”


Question 4 – “What else would you like to see at Come Bye & Craft?”:

Free text added by participants to this question:
·      “The new yarns and the new patterns of the shop maybe”

·      “More demonstrations / people sharing methods and projects. A little bit of structure for those that stay for the entire time. 4 hours continuous is hard on the hands. ”

·      “Maybe some talks, demonstrations. New products”

·      “Something savoury for first half – sandwiches, cheese scones, etc.”

·      “Maybe a demo of some kind?”

·      “Would welcome a variety of materials (sewing, knitting, etc.)”

·      “Seemed to cover everything”

·      “Small demos”

·      “Could not think of anything – today has worked really well”

·      “Can’t think of anything at the moment”

As a result of this feedback, we will add some demonstrations alongside new products from the shop on some Saturdays.  We have a sewing/patchwork demonstration booked on October’s Come Bye & Craft.  We will be demonstrating how to make Christmas Placemats and Wine Glass Coasters.  We will also have the Christmas Fabric Collection for your to look at and buy.


Question 5 – “Anything that can be changed / improved?”:

Free text added by participants to this question:
·      “Lunch. A lot of people hungry – biscuits and cake lovely but not substantial enough if staying all afternoon. Now we have been we realise we need to bring something or make it more of a sharing event”

·      “First tea break – savoury food, sausage rolls, etc.”

·      “Maybe more things for sale or demonstrations”

·      “I enjoyed it as it was. Keep it simple”

·      “Would have liked to have demonstrations of various crafts and sharing experiences”

·      “Not really”

·      “Not that I can think of”

·      “Maybe a demonstration of some sort for those that want to see”

We’ve investigated the possibility of implementing these requests but Insurance and Health/Safety regulations prevent us from doing so.  If you are coming for the full afternoon then, perhaps bring a light lunch with you.  You also don’t have to arrive at 12pm, for those wanting lunch, then come along at 1pm for example.



Free text not in any of the question boxes:
·      “Thank you. Loved it!”


As you can see, it was a successful event, and many positive comments were giving to us about the day.  We welcomed lots of different crafters too which was also lovely.  You really can do whatever you please during those 4 hours.  Some used it as an opportunity, to commit to a project and work hard – Áine for example was doing some patchwork and completed a stunning cushion in that time and took many opportunities to get expert advice from the many experienced crafters who were also there.  Look what she made in 4 hours!


I made these! I went along to the Come Bye crafternoon and got lots of advice and help and finally made these fab cushion covers. First proper bit of sewing in years. I may have the crafty bug 😂

Aine’s Tweet about the cushion she made

Or you can do a bit of crafting, chat, move around, see what others are doing, do a bit more crafting, chat, chat, drink tea, chat, do a little bit more crafting…’s UP TO YOU!

You don’t have to stay for the 4 hours, you can come and go as you please.  The whole point is to give you a space where you can come, craft, chill, meet others, chat and relax.  Treat it as your time.

We can’t wait for the next month’s session!  To avoid disappointment please book in advance.  We can’t take any more than 30.

Can’t wait to see you all again next month and maybe some more of you too!


One thought on “Come Bye & Craft Saturdays

  1. Honestly Aine says:

    Can’t wait for next month’s session, really enjoyed my time. I’ve a funny feeling I’ll be still working on my new jumper thingy. Lovely to see all the feedback and ideas.


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