Here’s Rufus – ‘Come Bye & have a cuppa’

The physical and mental health benefits of knitting and crocheting are well documented. Spending time with your favourite crafts can lower blood pressure, reduce depression and anxiety, slow the onset of dementia, distract from chronic pain and increase the sense of wellbeing.

Here at The Woolpatch, we take our responsibility to promote physical and mental well-being very seriously. Being based in a rural area and working with people from a variety of age groups, we know how powerful the crafts we promote can be to help reduce isolation, increase inclusion and instil a sense of usefulness.

The ethos of The Woolpatch is based upon sharing and the social aspects of crafting. Many of you will already have been involved in our ‘Knit and Natter’ sessions at The Woolpatch. They are run every morning from 10am until 12.30pm. Each daily session has a different set of people who come to knit, sew, craft and swap tips and ideas – but most importantly to socialise and chat over a cup of your favourite hot beverage (with a biscuit or cake or two of course!). We value the importance of these events and the impact they have on those who attend. They also add a fun and busy atmosphere in the shop, and provide an invaluable source of help for people coming to the shop with crafting issues! We like to refer to our ‘Knit and Natterers’ as our “flock”, in reference to our wonderful character ‘Baabara’ – the logo of The Woolpatch.

In recognition of the importance of the health benefits of the crafts we promote, we are very proud to introduce Rufus – our new sheepdog character.



Given the huge “flock” we now have through our social activities, it made perfect sense to have some help to manage all the activities we are putting on.

And what perfect timing for Rufus to arrive, as we are about to launch a brand new social event on Saturdays


This is a brand new social session which starts on Saturday September 1 – 2018 at the scout hut in Long Melford with the aim of it continuing on the 1st Saturday of every month.


We’ll be closing the shop on the Saturday and the team will all be down at the scout hut to welcome you all.  Those who know the shop will now we can only fit 5 or 6 people in our social sessions and our waiting lists are long.  Flock members don’t often give up their place at our sessions but at the scout hut, we can have 3 times as many!  We will have much more space for you to bring your friends and sit in your own social groups.  Tables will be available too.  You can bring your own sewing machine and have the space to sew while your friends knit! Also, we must not forget the refreshments!!!  The Woolpatch Team will be providing Tea/Coffee/Squash and some sort of biscuits and cakes!  Tea/Coffee will be unlimited too so you can really kick back and relax for the afternoon.

You can stay for the entire afternoon, or just do a couple of hours.  It’s up to you! you come and go as you please.  It’s open to EVERYONE!  No age limit.

If it takes off, then this will be repeated every 1st Saturday in every month.  Here at The Woolpatch we are all about sharing, socialising and learning together.

So ‘Come bye’ and have a cuppa and treat yourself to some time out,  some time out to relax, to socialise, to make new friends, to meet old friends, to laugh, to share, to learn and to simply be.

I’ll be there along with some of The Woolpatch flock too, with our knitting!  Can’t wait to see what’s on your needles, or sewing machine.

Saturday 1st September. Noon til 4pm.

‘That’ll do’


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