2nd Birthday – Save the date!

Can you believe it!  We’re nearly 2 years old?  Where has the time gone?  It’s been another great fun year and I’m loving every minute of running the shop.  We’ve developed yarn and fabric stocks, we’ve increased our classes and we’ve had a nice paint job too!  We couldn’t have done it without you that’s for sure!  I know we can never be as cheap as the big online giants, but many of you recognise that coming to The Woolpatch is more than just about prices.  It’s about sharing experiences and stories, it’s about getting help if stuck on patterns or yarn substitutions, it’s about chatting about the news, weather and sport, it’s about listening, it’s about socialising and wellbeing….in fact, it’s more about everything else than the actual spending the money bit!  This ‘experience’ is what underpins our values and ethos.  Always.

So…Our 2nd Birthday.  Here’s a heads up.


  • Saturday 1st September

  • Saturday 8th September

Save these dates!  We’ll release more information of what is happening on these two dates over the coming weeks on here and social media.  Hopefully you can come to one or the other….or both!!

Stuart, Baabara and Rufus


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