Locks and Locks of Fibre!

Lianne from The Fibre Factory has supplied us with the most lovely locks of fibre!!  All hand dyed by Lianne.  We’re getting more and more customers interested in weaving, spinning and felting so this may be of interest for some of you

Masham Long Locks


25g Packs of Masham Locks

Funfetti – Bright and bold mix of fun, funky colours to add a pop of pizzazzzz!!!

Landscape – A pack of more subtle tones which still show wonderful variation in colour and add pops of colour throughout.

Fresh – A palette of soft blues and greens with splashes of teal and turquoise. A gentle palette .

These long locks can be added to your spinning or gel. These locks are also used for beautiful doll hair!

A 25g pack is £2.95.

Buy online at The Woolpatch

British Leicester Lamb Locks

Lianne has also prepared some fabulous British Leicester Longwool Lamb curls.

These have been gently processed to retain the structure and integrity of these dainty locks.  Suitable for spinning, wet and needle felting.

A 25g pack is £2.95.

Buy online at The Woolpatch

The photos don’t really capture the colours – especially as they are in packs, so come in and see them.


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