March Makers’ Month – Libbidib Pottery

Let me introduce you to Libby and Libbidib Pottery.  She is a potter based in Bury St Edmunds and she makes yarn bowls for the shop. These bowls keep your yarn tangle free and clean and your cats are less likely to chase your yarn!!  Libbi works in Stoneware therefore the items she creates can be put in the freezer, dishwasher, microwave and oven and boy, does Libbi make some lovely work.  We’ve got a selection of her work on display in the shop.

I love to while away the hours creating things out of clay in my cosy, girly little studio.  I am never happier than when I have clay under my fingernails, I have found my true passion and that passion is POTTERY!  
I love the calming influence of pottery.  There is something very meditative about what I do, it is very therapeutic, the way the wheel spins, pulling up the clay and making something beautiful out of mud!

Libbi makes one particular design for us in the shop which is available in a variety of colours.  If you want a specific colour, get in contact and we’ll get Libbi to see if she can do it.  Take a little time to look at her work.



Yarn Bowls by Libbidib Pottery – available at The Woolpatch £35 each.

If you visit the shop, you can see/touch/feel the bowls and you can also see a whole host of other pottery items that Libbi has made in our special March Makers’ Month Window display!

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