March Makers’ Month

We are using March to take a moment to celebrate the local talent at The Woolpatch and in Suffolk.  Since starting The Woolpatch over a year ago I have had the pleasure of meeting so many talented/skill crafts people.  Some of which I’ve been able to support by having their products in the shop in some way or form.   This is really about celebrating the local talent and highlight their awesome skills, so take the time to look at their profiles, visit their websites and be wowed at their skills and craftsmanship – oh and yes, maybe even buy some of their work!  That would be the icing on the cake.

So here are just a few of the people we will be celebrating this month as part of March Makers’ Month

Libbidib Pottery

O Kaye Dough K

The Fibre Factory UK

By Kerry

DISStressed Vintage

and not forgetting The Woolpatch Flock!


Let’s kick off by introducing you to Joyce Kaye of ‘O Kaye Dough K’ and her salt dough sheep! Joyce is originally from Glasgow but has lived in this area for the last 27 years.  I’ll let her explain the rest…


“I have always been interested in crafts. I’m from the generation when if you needed a school jumper or a summer dress in the school fabric, then your mum knitted it or sewed it for you. So crafts of some description were always on the go while I was growing up. Also, back then, a decent amount of the school time table was allotted to needlework. All these factors added to my interests.

I stumbled across Salt Dough about 25 years ago in a magazine and thought I would give it a go.  Well,  I was hooked straight away.  I’ve made quite a few designs over the years,  but  my sheep are my favourite.  There are a few different stages to achieving the finished article and I enjoy them all; they just seem to take over my whole kitchen and all my baking trays.”


 The sheep all come with a hook attatched ready for you to hang in your favourite place! You can buy them from The Woolpatch at £8.


Aren’t they lovely!  Joyce’s Suffolk Sheep, was designed WAY before Shaun the Sheep too!  You can buy them in the shop or online.  If you want a specific order then email me.  More marvellous makers to come throughout the month!

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