Your Wonderful Creations!

One of the aspects I love about my new career is seeing what everyone can do.  The skills that you all have are quite mind-blowing.  Many of you just see it as something you do everyday and that it’s ‘nothing much’.  But I don’t.  I love it and those skills of knitting/crochet/dressmaking/quilting/patchwork are amazing and they aren’t celebrated enough.  We are quick to be in awe of the skill of a professional sportsman from Federer to our fabulous Olympians and their achievements at Rio, but look at the skills of people in craft right on our doorstep!

Many of these skills we learned years ago and refined over the years.  Many of you knit without even looking!  Many of you know techniques to do things that aren’t even talked about now and the only way to learn them is by celebrating them and sharing them.

That’s precisely what I’m trying to do at The Woolpatch.  I love it when you bring in your projects to the shop, or show us online and I love sharing to others the work and the craft and celebrate the skills and techniques that you used in its creation.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve only just started to learn and you’ve made your first jumper or if you’ve been doing it for years.  Bring it in and show it off it to us!  I never get bored with looking at your projects and marvelling at your skills.  So let’s share to the world these talents and skills and remind everyone what can be done by hand and by us all from just a pattern, yarn and fabric!

I started last post with the wonderful hoody that Mandy made for me – it’s also the featured image above.

The following projects have all been made by people who visit the Woolpatch and are local to the village and Suffolk.

Caroline’s Makes:
Caroline has been busy knitting over the past few weeks and has created 3 garments!  She is also a commission knitter for the shop.

This first garment is made in Katia Concept Yarn – Silk Tweed
Look at the awesome moss stitch work

Caroline’s second garment is knitted in Adriafil Knitcol
This patter is called ‘Eve’ and is from the Adriafil website. It’s a lovely merino DK.

Caroline’s final project is knitted in Drops Nepal which is an aran weight 5mm needles.

Look at the cable work!!  This is something I’m now learning myself at The Woolpatch.  So many wonderful skills and techniques used in these garments.  Stunning.  Great work Caroline and thank you for sharing.

Jackie’s make:
Look at this patchwork quilt top that Jackie has made.  Using traditional piecing techniques and hand sewn applique letters she’s created this lovely quilt top.  She’s now ready to sandwich it with wadding, back it and quilt it!  Can’t wait to see it finished!


We have many patchworkers who visit the shop to buy fabric.  We also have many who are willing to help offer their skills and teach so if you want to learn – get in touch!

Kerry’s Makes:
Kerry  makes many gifts for the shop from project bags that can be used for your yarn to big knitting bags.  All of which are on sale at The Woolpatch too.  Look at these recent makes from Kerry.  A unicorn project bag and a knitting bag complete with 2 free accessories.  Such skills!!

You can also commission bags out of our fabric too.  We also offer a ‘personalisation’ service, so if you want a name added we can do that too!

Debbie’s Makes:
Debbie comes to one of our social Knit and Natter sessions.  Debbie is always up for trying new skills and techniques.  These new skills look difficult but after a few weeks of learning you’ll be amazed at how simple it is.  Debbie went straight in to learn ‘intarsia’ (using two colour yarns to create motifs) and look what she has created!  What a fabulous cardigan and yarn work.

Mandy’s and Tiffany’s Makes:
Mother and Daughter duo are both prolific knitters and hugely talented.  Both knit commissions for the shop too.  You can follow all there amazing knits on instagram but here are two pictures of their latest makes.  Mandy is teaching me knitting skills every time she comes over to the shop.  Maybe I’ll soon be able to knit standing up too like she does haha.


And to finish are celebration of makes this month, look at the fabulous work of Suffolk potter Libbi!

Libbi’s Makes
Libbi has made some yarn bowls!  Look at these!  They are so cool we are going to sell them in the shop too.  Based up the road in Bury she loves nothing better than to make something out of clay!  We love them.

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 14.04.51.png

So many talents on show here and this is a just a few of the many wonderful projects I have seen over the past few months.  You flock members never cease to amaze me.  I’m learning so many things from you all.


All this wonderful creativity has inspired me to dedicate the next window display to you all.  Our wonderful makers.  If you want to be included in our window display and in our MARCH MAKERS campaign then get in contact with me.

For the whole of March we will highlight the wonderful work of all you makers and the makers for The Woolpatch and celebrate the talents and skills of you all.




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