Yarnuary 2018

Happy New Year!!! We’ve had a great ‘Yarnuary’ with many of you sharing your knit and crochet projects throughout the month in the shop and online.  It’s great using this month to highlight yarns and to talk all things yarn related!

We’ve had lots of lovely new yarn delivered from Adriafil this month.  We’re now planning some special edition 4ply ‘Fingering yarn’  from ‘Twisted Fintch‘ and ‘The Fibre Company‘. We’ll update you on here or social media when it comes in over the next month.

We’ve started to populate The Woolpatch calendar with classes for 2018.  They all start from February. Remember that you can arrange your own class for your preferred day too.  Just email us with what you would like the class to be about (knitting, sock knitting, crochet, lampshade making, learn hot bind, quilting, patchwork etc) and your preferred days and we’ll organise!

To finish ‘Yarnuary’ off – here are few pictures of me in my AMAZING ‘Yarnuary’ present.  A knitted hoodie by my wonderful friend Mandy.  She’s an incredible knitter.   This was a Josh Bennett pattern from Vogue Knitting magazine.  It’s 3 strands of DK throughout.  You get this fabulous marled effect as the 3 yarns go around the needle.  You then change the colours through the pattern.   As a result of all three yarns it’s super warm and heavy!!  Mandy is also a knitter for the shop so if you want a specific commission get in touch.


Keep up to date with The Woolpatch on Instagram and Facebook.  We update nearly every day on social media.  We are @thewoolpatch across all platforms.

What a fabulous start to 2018.  I wish you all good health for the year ahead and lots fun making things!  Have a super one.






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