New Fabric Company to The Woolpatch

One of the many wonderful reps that visit me in the shop for wool and fabric said ‘I’ve got a new fabric company to show you and I think you are going to love them’.  Now, with Reps, sometimes you have to take this statement with a pinch of salt.  But I think this rep knows me very well now as when I saw the first collection I was hooked and besotted with the designs and colours.  The only problem was not being able to order all of them!!!

Dear Stella is a unique fabric brand with modern style. The collection evokes an edgy freshness, combining the best of old traditions with modern influences.

This quote was taken from their website.  I very much agree with this.  The style is very contemparay and their collections have a fresh, modern feel with very cool colourways – the sort you could find on a Farrow & Ball colour chart!

I had to be very restrained in what I chose, so decided to get one collection to see how it goes down with you all.  Our current collection for childen ‘Born to be Wild’ has virtually sold out.  It has been very popular so when I saw the ‘WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE’ collection I knew that was the one to get in first.


The collection is beatifully draw and uses many of the current colour ways that we are seeing in fabric such as mustard yellow, teal and greys.  I love the species print, seeing the animal along with the name too would make a wonderful backing for a play mat/crib blanket.  If you love fussy cutting then this collection is IDEAL!!

This collection will be hitting the shops sometime from August onwards and I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

If you want to see all the other collections from Dear Stella then take a look at thier website.  DEAR STELLA WEBSITE


Whislt I’m on the subject of fabric we’ve still got 20% off the entire WONDERLAND collection by Cotton & Steel.  This offer will be running for another week so grab it in the shop or online whilst stocks last.





Can you believe it’s been nearly a year since the opening of The Woolpatch.  It would have been my last week in teaching this time last year and I used the Summer holidays to get ready for the opening on September 1st.  So birthday celebrations are already being planned!  One thing for sure is I’ve never looked back since starting this new career.  It’s been a non stop year and I’ve loved every minute of it and have very much enjoyed learning new skills and meeting you all.  I’m so lucky ot have such wonderful customers.  Thanks to you all for your continued support – without you the bricks and mortar shops can’t survive and I’m very grafeful to you all who continue to shop locally regardless of internet deals and big named brands.


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