The Countdown has begun!

We’re on the count down now to launch day!  Our first yarn ‘Lavenham Blue’ will launch at the Street Fair in Long Melford this Sunday.  The shop will be open and we’ll have a stall outside the shop too.  We’ll be doing lots of things on the day and one of them will see the launch of our first yarn ‘Lavenham Blue’.

Jan and I have been working so hard on this over the last 2 months.  Jan seems to have got the messier end of the deal.  She’s the one working magic with the woad and is using original methods of dyeing the yarn.  We’re trying to keep it as authentic as possible.  It has been a lot of work but it’s been a lot of fun.  Here’s a few pictures of Jan’s workshop area.  It involves lots of precise numbers – 50 degrees for example is an all important number in making the ‘magic’ happen.  Over or Under results in the dye just not working.  So you can imagine in the recent heat, it’s been somewhat challenging!!!


Whilst Jan has been dyeing the yarn, I’ve been working on producing the labels.  We’ve avoided companies printing off posh glossy labels as it wasn’t in keeping with the yarn and the idea of us doing it all.  So I’m using a wonderful technique called ‘CYANOTYPE’ which is very in keeping with all our BLUES!!!


This is my first experiment with the technique.  The paper has been ‘sensitised’ and will turn blue in the sun.  The black card of ‘Baarbara’ will block the sunlight and therefore leave a lovely crisp white silhouette.  If you are unsure of what cyanotype is, just go to you tube and search for it.  There are some amazing videos of people using the technique as a crafting technique.

We’ll keep you updated as the week goes on with our progress and then we look forward to sharing the finished product with you on Sunday!!!




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