Wensleydale Gems

We’re trying a new yarn from the wonderful West Yorkshire Spinners

100% WENSLEYDALE GEMS DK CollectionC8vWkeeXoAAZ5A7.jpg

I wanted to start stocking more pure British brands and yarn and you can’t get anymore British than the wonderful Wensleydale!  This brand new collection from the WYS is stunning! It’s a DK yarn, even though it does look a little finer than a DK and it’s 100% Wensleydale wool!  We’re trying a handful of colours at first to see how well they go down and if it’s popular we’ll increase the colour range that we stock.  Wensleydale is the perfect fleece for dyeing, this is because of the lustre and shine of the fibre. The dyeware accentuates this natural effect giving a beautiful sheen, allowing us to produce stunning shades – hence why the collection is called GEMS as the colours are stunning. Some would argue that the Wensleydale is the best – out of all fleece/fibre – to dye and show colour.

The West Yorkshire Spiners have named this new colour collection ‘Gems’ as the shades gleam like precious stones.

Makeup – Size 100gm hanks (225metres)

  • Hand Wash 30°
  • Reshape whilst damp
  • Do not Tumble Dry

This product carries the British Wool Marketing Board Platinum Award.

the 5 shades I’ve chosen first are…




Moon Stone-600x600.jpg

So if there is demand I’ll get more in as there are 20 colours in the collection! If you would like more or even specific colours, then email me and I will get them in for you.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Bank Holiday!



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