Moda Fabric at the Woolpatch


Yes!  We’ve had a meeting with Moda and even though we are a very small shop they are extremely happy to work with us in order to be able to stock some collections and a variety of precuts!  I’m over the moon.

In today’s world of convenience – precuts really do help to get making QUICKER!!!  Some of us just have the time to cut out lots of strips or squares for patchwork and quilting.  It’s not just about time – some of us just don’t want to do it ( I know I don’t!) especially if you’re not confident with a rotary cutter.  Also, choosing fabrics is probably the hardest part of any sewing projects which is why these precut fabrics are such a good idea. All the fabrics in a precut bundle co-ordinate beautifully. So precuts are fantastic!  I love them!

Jelly Rolls, Charm Packs, Layer cakes etc are all the names we use to basically describe precuts.

Jelly Rolls = 2 and a half inch strips of the WOF from the collection
Charm packs = 5″ squares from across the collection
Layer Cakes = 10″ squares from across the collection

and there are more….

These terms are all branded and trademarked by Moda.  It’s a bit like us saying I need to  ‘Hoover’ – rather than vacuum.  The Hoover being a brand. Another example is sellotape being sticky tape. We use these brand names in everyday life.  Hence why Blue Peter called it sticky tape instead otherwise it would be wonderful advertising!!! Many of use the terms Jelly rolls when actually it’s Moda’s term for 2 and half inch strips.  Other companies have to use other names.  Moda was first and of course the names have stuck and many of us use them across the board.

Moda release collections by many designers every couple of months.  There is no way we can stock them all but I will do my best to choose one or two collections each season. With each collection will come a precut from the list above.  Sometimes it might be a layer cake, sometimes it might be a charm pack.  I’ll keep mixing it up so we have plenty of choice.

I’ll try to choose a ‘classic collection’ such as the ‘French General’ for example.  I know many of you like making traditional style quilts with classic .patchwork blocks.


The second collection will be modern and contemporary and will reflect seasonal colours. Grey is still trending and it’s being mixed with either Mustard Yellow or Navy Blue. So  a collection I’ve already chosen is True Blue by Zen Chic.  This will be coming to the shop very soon!!!


We’ll be introducing the ever popular new ‘blender’ range from Moda by Basic Grey called GRUNGE.  A hideous name for what is a beautiful range.  These blenders are like worn paint work and are very textured.  The worn paint effect shows off the ‘paint’ underneath.  So you get two, or even 3 tone effect making it a stunning blender for patchwork and quilting.  You can also be clever and use the wrong side for a simple solid!!!!


I’ve started with White, Navy and Orange in preparation for thew True Blue collection.  These are in the shop already!!!  So come in and take a look.


Many of you use White or black for you ‘background colour’.  If you’re a Jenny Doan fan (The Missouri Star Quilt Company Lady) you’ll know her blocks are mostly made up with a white background colour.  So because of that we’ve started to stock more white backgrounds and blenders.  Using the work of wonderful designer Zen Chic we’re introducing a few bolts from the Modern Background ‘PAPER‘ collection


We’ve got a few Charm Packs and Jelly Rolls in stock already.  We are advised to sell Jelly Rolls between £32 and £40 by Moda.  However, In this age of internet shopping many sites will sell them as low as £26.  I’ve gone for in the middle – £36 for a Jelly Roll and £12 for a Charm Pack. Ebay sellers and Non bricks and mortar shops have different types of expenses making it easier for them to sell cheaper.  It does make it much harder for us bricks and mortar shops and smaller shops to compete.  However that said, I know you are incredibly supportive of local shops and of The Woolpatch and will still shop locally regardless. I will always try to price our goods competitively but sometimes it is not possible and we may be a little more expensive.

I’m thrilled to be able to stock Moda fabric and I hope you patchwork and quilting enthusiasts are excited by this.  I’ll always let you know what’s in stock and when either via Baabara’s flock, facebook or via our email subscription list.

I’m off to find a block and a patchwork pattern to make a nice modern quilt/wall hanging and plan some new patchwork sessions for June and July so we can use this wonderful new fabric!


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