New 4ply range

Over the past 6 months I have noticed a growing trend for 4ply and not just in baby colours!  So it makes sense to start and develop a 4ply range.  So we welcome the wonderful Katia Merino Baby to the shop!

It didn’t take me long to decide which yarn company to choose for the new 4ply.  We stock the DK Merino 100% from Katia and a wide variety of colours and we know how popular that yarn is.  The extra fine merino super wash results in a wonderful stitch definition and of course it’s machine washable!!

The ‘Baby’ in its title is slightly misleading – it’s just a yarn for babies – it’s a fabulous 4ply that can be used for other garments too.  We will start with the generic baby colours and over the coming months we will increase the colour range for all types of knits.  Katia do a wide variety of patterns and there are some stunning jumper, cardigan patterns for women and men as well as your basic baby patterns.  To see what patterns are on offer click on the link below.  There you will find all the colours that we plan to introduce and all the patterns available.

Katia Website – Merino Baby 4ply Yarn and Pattern Page

These are the colours that we have started with:


Top Row – White, Salmon and Pistachio.
Middle Row – Sky Blue, Cream and Medium Rose
Bottom Row – Light Rose and Light Jeans Blue.

You can order online and in the shop as of next week.

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