Down by the river

We have another fabric collection just arrive in the shop from the wonderful Lewis & Irene.lewis_irene_logo.jpg

Lewis & Irene are a British, family run business. They design fabulous cotton quilting fabrics and distribute them throughout the world to the sewing community through leading distributors.  Lewis & Irene were two very special people. They inspired not only the name of the company but as parents and grandparents, they threaded love through three generations of family.

The unique designs are printed on 100% pre-shrunk cotton fabric with a light shreiner finish. It is the very best quality and feels soft & silky to touch. Like most quilting & craft fabrics the ranges are 44″ in width.

Lewis & Irene started in 2013 – so a relatively new company.  All fabric is created at the Lewis & Irene design studios in the UK and their ranges are totally unique and demonstrate a blend between traditional and contemporary designs.

Let’s go through the collection bolt by bolt.

A219/1 Light Blue Down by the River


The main ‘Mother’ fabric of the whole collection.  A delightful scene capturing river life.

A223.3 Lily Pads on Pebble



A Pebble coloured background representing the river with delightful lily pads in two shades of green that are consistent throughout the collection.  The little pink flowers really do ‘pop’ against the pebble and pale greens.

A222.2 Playful Otters on Teal



The otters were available in a other colourways, but I felt this teal colour summed up the ‘river’ beautifully.  You really get a sense of the otters playing and swimming around.

A220.2 Swan & Heron on Teal


I kept the same teal colour way for the river again as the ‘grey’ or the ‘pebble’ just lost the river.  The pebble reminded me too much of the north sea colour at Felixstowe!!!  This teal river is very much what you find in a story book.  The swans, heron and plants really do stand out as a result in this colour way.  One of my favourites is this one.

A221.1 Swans in Flight on Pale Grey/Blue


This last one is my favourite out of the collection.  Beautiful duck egg/grey skies and clouds with a set of stunning swans.  I think this would make an awesome lampshade.

Want some inspiration?

Make some cushions designed by the Lewis & Irene team using ‘Down by the river’ fabrics.

Download the FREE pattern provided by Lewis & Irene and make your own!

Down by the River Cushions (pdf)


All Fabrics are £12 a metre. This is much cheaper than the recent Cotton & Steel fabrics.  Cotton & Steel is shipped in from America, where as Lewis & Irene is UK based and as a result cheaper.  Still just as good quality however.

The minimum cut is 1/2 a metre (equivalent to two fat quarters ) You can email special orders; for example I can cut a 1/2 metre of each fabric from the collection if you want to do a bigger project.

By now in the shop/email/phone or online at Down by the river – The Woolpatch Online Shop

Price per metre – £12
1/2 a metre – £6



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