We’re going all Tudor!

The whole reenactment thing at Kentwell Hall Suffolk is HUGE!  Many of the re-enactors are volunteers.  These volutneers make all their own costumes and many of them make them by the letter and are very strict on materials.  Take a look at Kentwell’s website and see some amazing pictures of the re-enactments and the volunteers all dressed up.

Kentwell Hall – Re-enactments

Finding these materials like 100% linen, 100% wool etc so that the  volunteers can make dresses/skirts/smocks is very  difficult.  The lovely people at Kentwell came to us to see if we could help with stocking wools and linens so that volunteers can visit Kentwell and then pop down the road and get everything in one place.  What a great idea Kentwell!!

We’ve started small and we will gradually build up!

 We now stock

  1. 100% LINEN thread.  White, Cream and Black in 50m spools.
  2. 100% Linen Sewing ‘Dutch’ Tape
    • 6mm
    • 10mm
    • 13mm
    • 19mm

We’re now looking at stocking Linen on the Bolt for smocks and WOOLS for you skirts and uniforms!  Watch this space!

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