At last it’s here!  Wonderland – by Rifle Paper Co. for Cotton & Steel is in!  Many fabric collections are ordered months in advance so as you can imagine it’s frustrating seeing these when the fabric companies visit and then have to wait so long to have them!

This is our first cotton & steel fabric (a division of RJR Fabrics) collection in and I hope you will all love it.  It is a high quality designer fabric. If you want to know more about them and the 5 women designers behind the brand then click on the logo.

cs-logo.gifWhen I saw this range from Cotton & Steel I knew there was no point in looking at any other collections!  The designs and colours really sum up the books and everything about Alice.  The fabric will be perfect for patchwork quilts – especially cot quilts, lampshades, cushions, pencil cases etc.

Let’s go through the collection bolt by bolt.

Magic Forest Neutral 8017-01 


With high-contrast black ink and natural fabric, our Magic Forest print playfully recalls Alice’s stroll into the mysterious enchanted forest. Screen printed on Cotton+Steel’s soft 100% cotton, it’s perfect for quilts, clothing and even home décor.


Garden Party Navy 8019-01

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 19.35.52.png

Garden Party on Navy features an afternoon tea motif, complete with charming
paper fans and the Rifle Paper Co signature flowers.


Mad Tea Party Neutral 8018-02


The Wonderland collection would not be complete without the
famous tea party scene, featuring cups, saucers and teapots piled
high on cream fabric.  It will fit in Long Melford perfectly!  I’d love to make something for Terese next door at Long Melford Tea Rooms.


Wonderland Periwinkle Metallic 8013-02

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 18.16.31.png

This bolt features the story’s most colourful characters: the rabbit, the King and Queen, the Cheshire Cat, and a certain top hat.  It has the main blue running through it which is the quintessential ‘Alice’ blue and has beautiful gold metallic leaves throughout.  This does add another £1 to the price because it’s metallic.  My favourite in the collection this one.


Cameos Rose 8014-02


According Rifle Paper Co. The cameos print was inspired by the cameo, a classic jewellery piece that was particularly popular in the 1800s, right when Lewis Carroll
wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  This print is on a pale pink base – the photo above I took doesn’t show this too well.


Caterpillar Dots Pink Metallic 8023-01


The Caterpillar is a great character from the story and the gold metallic against the bold pink contrasts really well.  This combined with a classic blue gingham check in some patchwork would be stunning.


Cheshire Strip White 8022-02

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 19.48.42.png

The designers at Rifle Paper Co. explain the ideas behind this one – “The Cheshire Cat’s mischievous personality inspired this print: from afar, the stripes seem crisp and clear, but up close, they’re playfully imprecise.” This is a cotton fabric yet it looks like a natural linen it’s lovely.

One extra that is not in the collection but had to be bought…

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 19.51.59.png

Blue Gingham!!! If you wanted to dress up like Alice then Blue Gingham check would be perfect for a dress.  It also shouts out afternoon tea to me!!  Perfect for a mad tea party!!  This isn’t in the Wonderland collection but Cotton & Steel have this in their ‘basic’ range so it made sense to get it at the same time.

All the fabrics are screen printed on Cotton+Steel’s soft 100% cotton, it’s perfect for quilts, clothing and even home décor.

All Fabrics are £15 a metre. The minimum cut is 1/2 a metre (equivalent to two fat quarters ) You can email special orders; for example I can cut a 1/2 metre of each fabric from the collection if you want to do a bigger project.

By now in the shop/email/phone or online at Wonderland – The Woolpatch Online Shop

Price per metre – £15 (non metallic)

Metallics (Wonderland Periwinkle Metallic 8013-02 & Caterpillar Dots Pink Metallic 8023-01) – £16 a metre

1/2 a metre – £7.50 (£8 for the metallics

Get your thinking caps on with what to make with this wonderful fabric!  I’m off to do a lampshade and a footstool!



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