Just Us Chickens



Just Us Chickens

We have a new fabric collection arrive in the shop.  ‘Just Us Chickens’ from Michael Miller.  It’s modern and fun.  It’s made up of one of the current ‘in’ colours at the moment – Coral.  It also features fabric in Turquoise and Slate Greys all with a chicken theme.

I have 3 chickens of my own (though they are not very happy at the moment due to the current DEFRA rules and are cooped up) so when I saw this collection I just had to get it!

Let’s go through the collection bolt by bolt



1.What came first? CX7449 Fancy










2.Funky Chickens CX7448 Fancy


3.Egg Drop! Turquoise CX7450



4.Barn Dance! Fancy CX7451



5 & 6.Chicken Scratch Coral & Turquoise CX7452


7&8.Flew the Coop! Coral & Turquoise CX7453


All the fabrics are 100% cotton and of a high quality weave and washable.  The fabric also has a soft silky sheen to it. Michael Miller’s fabrics are  used in dressmaking as well as patchwork and quilting. These fabrics would also make fabulous blind for a room or a lampshade.  I’m going to make a blind for my downstairs hall toilet which has a chicken theme to it.  It’s got the wonderful chicken wallpaper from Laura Ashley 2016. So I think a blind for the window will be perfect!

All Fabrics are £14 a metre. There is no minimum cut.  You can email special orders for example I can cut 1/2 metre of each fabric from the collection if you want to do a bigger project.

By now in the shop/email/phone or online at Just Us Chickens – The Woolpatch Online Shop

Price per metre – £14
1/2 a metre – £7
fat quarter – £3.50

Just Us Chickens Gallery

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