Fabric Fever – THE SPOT!

Fabric Fever is spreading through The Woolpatch quickly.  It started off in the Lewis & Irene Fabrics, and we managed to clear most of the fabric out of the shop with a 40% sale. But sadly, it wasn’t enough.  The fever has now moved on and phase 2 is beginning to show signs of developemnt.  SPOTS!!!!!

We need to clear out all the fabric that is showing signs of phase 2.  So all our fabric that has SPOTS needs to go.

ALL FABRIC WITH SPOTS & DOTS = 50% off while stocks last*

The Woolpatch Online Shop – DOTS & SPOTS

You can buy online or in the shop.  However, when buying online some don’t have pictures yet – I’ll try and get them up this week so you can see the spots.  If you need any more advice on the fabrics then email me or ring the shop

Spot/Dot fabric make perfect borders or blenders for a quilt.  Top up your stash now!

Fabrics in the sale are:

  • Dashwood Studio dot range – FLURRY
  • Makower small tonal ditsy designs – Itsy Bits by Renee Nanneman 

and numerous other spots and dots from Benartex.

*offer excludes new collections since January 2017 – this is the Kids Collection and the Heartwood collection


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