Adriafil Yarns at The Woolpatch

So, Week 2 of #Yarnuary is now starting and this weeks feature yarn is…


The dyeing has been worked out on an eight-colour thread just to achieve a real jacquard effect. This implies that, by simply working with plain and purl stitch, you will get coloured striped pattern with jacquard elements.

Knitcol – It’s a delightful pure merino wool and it’s a ‘superwash’ too.  If you want to see it knitted up then pop into the shop.  Flock member Jane has knitted up a smashing cardigan and Peggy is modelling it.  Jane used a non Adriafil pattern and the variagated yarn still works and the strips balance and match.  It’s amazing.  Also, because the merino isn’t superfine, it has a nice ‘fuzz’ about it and it still looks ‘wooly’ yet superbly soft like you would expect from Merino. On average a Human hair is about 100 microns, a highland sheep is around 50 microns (so quite rough and not soft to wear against the skin).  screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-21-10-33Merino knitting wool, which is world famous for being super fine, has been developed down to as fine as 11 microns which means that it is more than five times finer than a human hair.  So SOFT!! There is research to say that people who are allergic or cannot wear wool because it irritates their sensitive skin, would be able to wear Merino wool.

Details: 50 gr. Ball (mt. 125) in 500 gr. box
Composition: 100% wool (superwash merino) – Machine washable, wool cycle
Needles: DK – Needles 4-4,5 mm
Gauge: 4”=20 sts/29 rows



This is a lovely 100% merino double knit superwash yarn.  Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 21.12.43.pngIt comes in a vareity of colours and we’re trialling a few at The Woolpatch to complement the Knitcol colours we have.

Details: 125 mt (136,70 yards) each 50 gr ball
Composition: 100% wool (superwash merino) – Machine washable, wool cycle
Needles: DK – Needles 4-4,5 mm UK7
Gauge 4”=20 sts/29 rows





If you can’t get to the shop to see the yarns – you can look and buy online!

The Woolpatch Online Shop

Don’t forget if you’re knitting/Crocheting or Weaving or doing anything with yarn this month, post us your pictures on social media and use the hashtag #yarnuary so we can search and find your posts and marvel at what you are all creating!


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