New Yarns in Stock

So a MASSIVE 3 deliveries came into the shop this week and each delivery had at least 3 NEW YARNS and/or COLOURS in them!!!!!  So let me take you through whats new in The Woolpatch.


  • Marble Chunky – NEW GREY/CHARCOAL Colour.screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-21-49-05
  • Baby Twinkle DK Variegated yarns (with a bit of twinkle bling in!) There are 3 different colour ways available.  This is one is Rainbow.Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 21.50.55.png
  • Jenny Watson Babysoft DK with CASHMERE!jennywatsondk
  • Jenny Watson  Babysoft 4ply White & CreamScreen Shot 2016-12-15 at 21.54.56.png
  • Jenny Waton BabySoft DK various colours.

For those who want to knit baby clothes without acrylic and polyamide and use natural wool only, then we have something special coming for you in our ‘Yarnuary‘ Special! Watch this space!


  • Katia MERINO 100% DK LOADS OF COLOURS!!!!merinocoloursinstock
  • Katia Super Chunky ‘GRAVITY’ This comes in 3 different colourways.  The one shown in the pic, browns/creams and then Greys/Charcoals.  It’s Soft and CHUNKY and brand new for this Winter!GRAVITY 65.jpg


  • Nepal Aran.  We now stock up to 25 colours!!
  • Karisma DK. We now stock even more colours – all stock filled.
  • Andes Super Chunky.  Extended colour range now in.


And to finish…Craft Cotton, for those who like to knit dishcloths!





New NATURAL YARNS (yes – 100% wool or alpaca) from…

Italian brand ADRIAFIL

West Yorkshire Spinners Sock Yarn

So Lots happening at The Woolpatch.  Come and get your last minute Christmas gifts.  If you know someone who loves knitting then a ball of yarn will always be a lovely gift at any time of year – not just Christmas!



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