Knitting Commissions

Look what one of the flock has made!  An ‘OPEN/CLOSED’ sign with Baabara on it!  ow How good does it look?  

No pattern used, just some great knitting skills built up over the years!  This was knitted by Mandy and she makes up one of our many experienced knitters here at the Woolpatch.  I’m so lucky to have such a skilled, talented team here in the shop.

If you want something made by the flock – we can do that too!!!  Prices for commissions start from £15 plus the wool.  The only requirement is that you have to buy the wool from The Woolpatch in order for the commission to be carried out.

We currently have 3 commissions taking place.  For example, Mandy is now knitting up a lovely little Aran weight cardigan for a little boy aged 2 to 3.  Mandy has the pattern and the wool (all bought from The Woolpatch as required) and in 2 weeks time all will be complete and ready for the customer.  Knowing the speed that Mandy knits, I expect it will be done in a week but it’s normal to take a minimum of 2 weeks at a ‘£15 commission project’.

So if you want something knitted up, pop in and speak to us or email the shop.  Anything can be done as a commission, from a simple scarf to a full adult jumper with cables.  I don’t think anything pattern will stop our flock and their skills.

As Steve Wright would say on a Friday afternoon on ‘Serious Jockin‘ we do some SERIOUS KNITTIN’ no G!!!


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