Our poppies are growing

The flock are working hard to make poppies for our remembrance display.  I’ve had knitted, crocheted and felt poppies delivered by many over the last week. Thanks so much for taking the time to make a poppy for our display.  I’ve only been in the shop for 8 weeks and the support from everyone has been quite amazing.  Many new flock members who I hardly know have even dropped in poppies to add to the display!  Thanks you so much.

As we approach November the 11th and remembrance Sunday we will take time to remember those who fought for our country and our freedom In WWI.

My Granddad was a desert rat in WWII and fought in Africa as a gunner. I will be remembering him and what he did for our country in Tripoli in 1943.  I’m lucky enough to have some amazing artefacts of his time in the desert. So why not pop into the shop over the next few days and take a look at his cards he wrote to his mother, photographs and other memoirs he created whilst a Desert Rat and we can remember him and what the 7th Armoured Division did for us in the Second World War.

I’m hoping by Friday we’ll have enough Poppies made to trail up to ‘Peggy’s’ main poppy.



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